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MADRIDCITO managed by the company NOCAL-ICAL, S.L. with CIF B-87258869, and registered office located in Madrid, C/ Dos Hermanas 3 3ºD, with CASA DE HUESPEDES, issued by the Community of Madrid, approves this INTERNAL REGULATION by which the rules of obligatory compliance by the users of the accommodation during their stay.

These rules will include the relative conditions of admission, rules of coexistence and operation. Likewise, the regulation on the admission of animals and conditions for said admission will also be established, as well as the rest of the conditions for the enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services of the establishment.

This document will be available to users in both Spanish and English. Likewise, users may consult the Internal Regime Regulation at any time by accessing the accommodation website.


1.- Admission conditions.

By virtue of the provisions of Law 17/1997 of July 4, Law 1/199 of March 12 of the CAM and as well as Royal Decree 2816/1982 MADRIDCITO configures the following requirements for the admission of users :

1.1.- The accommodation is considered, for all purposes, an establishment for public use, although admission or stay may be denied:

a) Due to lack of accommodation capacity or facilities.
b) For failing to meet the admission requirements.
c) For adopting behaviors that may cause danger or inconvenience to other people, whether they are users or not, or that hinder the normal development of the activity.
d) When the person does not meet minimum hygiene conditions.
e) When the person carries weapons and objects capable of being used as such, unless, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable specific regulations at any time, they are members of the Security Forces and Bodies or private bodyguards integrated into private companies, and access the establishment in the exercise of their functions.
f) When the person is consuming drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances or shows symptoms of having consumed them and those who show obvious signs or behaviors of being intoxicated. It will also be cause for expulsion when they cause malicious damage to the facilities, scandal, noise, especially in the face of complaints from other users.
g) Does not present an official identification and has not completed the registration form that the management will provide and that will be sent to the National Police.
1.2.- The accommodation will request the help of the Security Forces and Corps to evict those who fail to comply with this Internal Regulations; fail to comply with the usual rules of social coexistence; or intend to access or remain in the establishment for a purpose other than the normal use of the service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user is obliged to pay the expenses that he has generated up to the moment of the prohibition of access or permanence in the establishment.

2.- Admission requirements.

2.1.- In accordance with the regulations in force regarding the obligations of documentary registration and information of natural or legal persons who carry out hosting activities, it will be a prerequisite to make use of the room, being that at that moment you will be informed about your rights and obligations as a Client, as well as the existence of this Internal Regulations.

2.2.- When completing the admission document, the user must present an official document that identifies them and that will also help the accommodation to complete the corresponding entry and traveler registration part in accordance with current regulations on registry books and parts entry of travelers.

3.- Rights

The rights of the users of this establishment are:

a) Receive truthful, sufficient, understandable, unequivocal information, prior to contracting the accommodation period, as well as the full final price, including taxes, with a breakdown, where appropriate, of the amount of the increases or discounts that will be apply to any eventual offer.
b) Obtain the documents that prove the terms of the contract.
c) Access our establishment under the contracted terms.
d) Receive the services under the agreed conditions.
e) Have your safety and that of your property, as well as your privacy, duly guaranteed in our accommodation; and be informed of any circumstantial inconvenience that could alter your rest and tranquility.
f) Receive information on facilities or services that pose a risk and on the security measures adopted.
g) Receive an invoice or ticket for the price paid for the services provided.
h) Formulate complaints and claims and obtain information on the procedure for presenting them and their treatment.
i) Consult the terms on privacy policy published on our website.
IMPORTANT: The accommodation will respond only as depositary of the values, money, jewelry and other goods that the guests expressly constitute in deposit and the corresponding receipt has been granted in writing. The company is not responsible for the goods deposited in the rooms and the rest.

4.- Obligations

The obligations of the USER of this establishment are:

a) Observe the rules of coexistence and hygiene.
b) Respect these internal regulations.
c) Respect the agreed date of departure from the accommodation, leaving the room free.
d) Pay for the contracted services at the time the invoice is presented or within the agreed period, without the fact of presenting a claim implying the payment exemption.
e) Respect this establishment, its facilities and equipment.
f) Respect the environment.
g) Respect restricted areas and facilities due to age, or contracted rates.

1.- Reserve

1.1.- All reservations will include the date of the stay, quantity and type of room with its cancellation policy and complementary services additionally contracted; also stating the total and itemized price for each of said concepts, unless it has been offered as a package at the global agreed price.

1.2.- Prior to making your reservation and by the same means used to make it, or another that you choose, you will be informed of your rights and obligations, among others, of the cancellation policy of said reservation, which will be adjusted to the general conditions delivered to the user.

1.3.- The reservation confirmation by MADRIDCITO will be considered as a tourist accommodation contract; leaving physical or electronic evidence available to you.

1.4- Once the confirmation of your reservation has been obtained, the room will be made available to the users on the agreed date.

2.- Price.

2.1.-The user must pay for the contracted services at the time the invoice is presented or within the agreed term, without the fact of presenting a claim implying payment exemption.

2.2.- The payment of the price can be made according to the means indicated in the general conditions of MADRIDCITO.

2.3.- In the event that payment of the services is required prior to their provision, it will be expressly stated in our advertising.

2.4.- In the event of requesting bank card details, the advertisement will state whether it is used as a guarantee of compliance with the contract or as an advance payment.

2.5.- The accommodation reserves the right to demand that, when making a reservation, you make an advance of the price as a signal, which will be understood as payment on account of the amount resulting from the services provided.

3.- Period of occupation

3.1.- The user will have the right to occupy the room from 3:30 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. On dates of maximum occupancy of the establishment, the delivery of your room may be delayed for a period of time not exceeding two hours.

In any case, you can access the common facilities of the establishment from 12:00 on the day of your arrival.

3.2.- Upon request and according to availability, a late departure can be agreed with MADRIDCITO in advance. If MADRIDCITO accepts a late checkout, MADRIDCITO is entitled to charge EUR 10.00 per hour or part thereof for additional use of the room. For departures that take place after 2:00 p.m., the full daily price (according to the MADRIDCITO website) of the room will be charged. There is no contractual right to a late checkout.

3.3.- In the event that a guest does not vacate the room no later than 11:00 a.m., MADRIDCITO may charge 50% of the full daily rate (price of the last night of the stay) due to the late eviction of the room by his overuse of the contract until 2:00 p.m., and 100% thereafter.

3.4.- Upon request and depending on availability, an earlier arrival (early check-in) can be agreed with MADRIDCITO in advance. If MADRIDCITO accepts an advance entry, MADRIDCITO is entitled to charge 10.00 euros per hour or part thereof for additional use of the unit. Does not exist

6.- Prohibitions

6.1.- The occupation and stay of more people in the room than the capacity allowed in these will not be allowed. Violation of this rule entails the immediate expulsion of the guest and his companions.

6.2.- Smoking is prohibited throughout the establishment. The violation of this rule constitutes a serious breach of the contract and will be sanctioned by MADRIDCITO with a contractual penalty of 150.00 euros and the expulsion of the guest.

6.3.- In cooperation with the guests, noise must be avoided in the reserved room, in the common use area and in the accesses to the building.

6.4.- Night rest must be observed from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. (“rest hours”). It is not allowed to celebrate parties in the rooms, nor in the common area.

6.5.- Violation of quiet hours and holding celebrations or parties constitutes a use contrary to the contract and will be sanctioned by MADRIDCITO with a contractual penalty of 150.00 euros.

6.6.- The right is expressly reserved to claim other damages for the increase in cleaning costs, the possible loss of sales derived from the impossibility of renting the room and the cancellation of the contract.

7.- Use of facilities and common spaces

The hosted users must use the facilities and common spaces in accordance with their own use, respecting the capacity regulations that are applicable at all times, as well as the hygienic-sanitary measures and regulations that may be approved by the public administrations. , or by the accommodation itself for everyone’s safety.

Users will be responsible for damages caused to said facilities and common spaces due to use not in accordance with their purpose.

8.- Minors

Minors staying in the accommodation must always be under the supervision of an adult.

9.- Forgotten Objects

When MADRIDCITO finds a forgotten object in the room, it will notify the user via email or WhatsApp so that they can pick it up.

In the event that you cannot do so, the forgotten objects will be sent to the home of the user upon request, at the user’s expense and risk.

MADRIDCITO has an agreement with the company MYHOST to carry out this service. The guest must request the shipment within a period not exceeding 72 hours through the myhost page or the link provided by MADRIDCITO.

MADRIDCITO will guard the objects for fifteen days after the departure date and reserves the right to charge for it an adequate fee, customary for this purpose and based on the time and effort necessary for its custody. Once the custody period has elapsed, the items will be turned over to the local lost and found office, if they have a recognizable value.

10.- Tips and suggestions

  • Monitor and control your luggage. Don’t leave it unattended.
  • Keep the door closed when you are in your room.
  • Close your bedroom door when you leave it, and try opening it again to make sure it’s locked properly, even if you’re only away for a short time.
  • Close your luggage when not in use and put it in your closet. If the luggage has a lock, always use it.
  • Never display jewelry, money, or valuables in your room.
  • Immediately notify the accommodation management of any abnormal event that you notice, such as: people in a suspicious attitude in the corridor, repeated telephone calls from people who do not identify themselves, knocks on the door of your room from people you do not know, or not finding anyone at the door when you go to open it.
  • If you forget or lose your key, only the accommodation staff is authorized to provide you with a new key to open your room.
  • Never allow people into your room with unsolicited deliveries.


This accommodation does not allow pets. However, guide dogs, dogs for the deaf, and other similar service dogs or animals are excepted from this prohibition. These can be brought free of charge and at any time, prior notice to MADRIDCITO.

If a pet is brought into the room without permission, an amount of 150.00 euros will be charged as a special cleaning fee by MADRIDCITO.


Failure to comply with the rules approved in this document will result in the CANCELLATION of the stay by MADRIDCITO immediately and once it becomes aware of them.

In this case, the user must leave the room without entitlement to a refund of the period of stay pending enjoyment.

MADRIDCITO may request the help of the state security forces and bodies to make said cancellation effective, as well as collect the corresponding penalties according to the infraction committed by the user.

Edition October 2022

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